How Garlict Works

Garlic contains hundreds of sulphuric compounds, one of which is Allicin. Allicin is one of the most beneficial compounds in Garlic but is also the cause for the bad breath and body odour.

When we ingest garlic it is metabolised in the stomach which is where the Allicin is released. The Allicin goes into the blood stream, is circulated throughout the body and is excreted through the pores of the skin and through the breath via the lungs. The ingredients in Garlict bind to these sulphuric compounds thereby neutralising the odour.

Garlict Ingredients

The ingredients of Garlict are Parsley Seed Oil, Green Tea Extract, Chia Seed Oil and Peppermint oil. Once the Garlict capsules are swallowed they make their way down the oesophagus into the stomach. Here they are broken down into the individual ingredients and bind to the bad smelling sulphur compounds, neutralising the bad smells. The ingredients therefore work systemically – eliminating the bad smells from within the body. In addition to their breath freshenening qualities, these ingredients oxygenate and cleanse the blood, aid digestion, detoxify free radicals and provide a rich source of fiber which flushes the digestive system of built-up toxins.

How to take Garlict

Swallow 2 Garlict capsules with liquid after consuming odour-producing food. It takes approximately 20 minutes to start working. Repeat after 4 hours if necessary. Do not exceed 8 capsules per day. If you are reeking of garlic the next day, Garlict will still be effective, and really take your breath away! Take 2 capsules immediately and repeat after four hours if necessary.

If you are allergic to garlic and accidently eat food that contains garlic, take two Garlict immediately and repeat after four hours if necessary. Garlict helps promote the absorbtion and digestion and has been reported to bring relief with minor allergic symptoms.

Do not take while pregnant.

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