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If you love the healthy yet smelly pleasure of garlic, this will take your breath away! Buy 5 get 5 FREE

Say goodbye to garlic breath and hello to Garlict.

Garlict odour fighting capsules have just been launched in South Africa by NeutraPharm - now you can enjoy garlic and still smell like a dream! Invented locally, manufactured at a USA FDA approved manufacturing plant and boasting non-GMO ingredients, Garlict’s peppermint infused capsules embrace 4 powerful ingredients to ensure fresh breath.

Let’s face it, we all fear having bad breath, or being that “stinky person” socially or at work, let alone being left un-kissable thanks to whiffy garlic breath. The new Garlict capsules stop odours associated with eating garlic and onions before they have a chance to embarrass you. Garlict gives you the confidence and freedom to eat what you like without considering your work and social calendar.


Garlic contains hundreds of sulphuric compounds, one of which is Allicin. Allicin is one of the most beneficial compounds in garlic but is also the cause for the bad breath and body odour. When we ingest garlic it is metabolised in the stomach which is where the Allicin is released. The Allicin goes into the blood stream, is circulated throughout the body and is excreted through the pores of the skin and through the breath via the lungs. The ingredients in Garlict bind to these sulphuric compounds thereby neutralising the odour.

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